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iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Russia


Russians are as big fans of iPhone as Russia itself is in size. No one can deny their love for Apple’s smartphone. Apple has just released its latest generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. But Russians don’t seem to like it. They are demanding more from Apple. Really? That is not the case, though. Actually, they are demanding “iPhone 7”. Not because they didn’t like iPhone 6s, but because they love new iPhone. iPhone 7 is expected pack two gigs of ram along with features such as dual camera and wireless charging. So, we will be talking here about the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Russia to end their curiosity.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Russia

Following is how we will conclude the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Russia.

iPhone 7 Price in Russia

The price of iPhone in Russia is subjected to a number of factors. Same factors are sure to make the price of iPhone 7 in Russia. What they are and how they will affect the iPhone 7 price in Russia? Have a look.

Base Price

The base price which Apple is expected to tag its upcoming iPhone 7 is $649. That is because Apple has been following a price trend since iPhone 6. There is a reason to stick to this price. That is the intense competition in the market. Apple will definitely find it hard to market iPhone 7 with higher price tag.


Exchange Rate

The exchange rate is the factor which affects the price of iPhone most. It is even worsted for Russia. The declining trend of Russian Ruble against US dollar is getting more stronger. It is pretty obvious that iPhone 7 will cost more than iPhone 6 when released in Russia. At the time of writing, 1 US dollar stood at 78 RUB and to our expectation, it will touch around 85 RUB at the time of the release of iPhone 7. Accordingly, iPhone 7 will cost around 55,000 RUB excluding tax and duties.

Tax and Duties

Thankfully, smartphones are excluded from duty in Russia. However, it isn’t exempted from the sales tax. It is set at 18%. So, including this, iPhone 7 is expected to cost around 64,900 RUB or 64,990 RUB as Apple prices in this pattern.

iPhone 7 Release Date in Russia

In the past, we have seen Apple taking a lot of time to release its iPhone in Russia. In the case of iPhone 4s, it took more than two months after its international release to make it to the shelves of Russia. Even more, iPhone 5 took more than three months to be finally released in Russia. Thankfully. It reduced to a month for the release of iPhone 5s in Russia.

Fortunately, this phenomenon has been reversed. I think Apple realized the importance of Russian market. Well, to our surprise, iPhone 6 was released in Russia just after a week of its international release, in the second phase. The current model of iPhone, iPhone 6s also took very short time, only two weeks. It definitely means that Russia has got a place in the list of countries where iPhone is released in the second wave of the international one.

International Release Date

According to the speculations so far, Apple is intended to release its upcoming iPhone 7 in its traditional date of release which is in the mid of September. It is most likely to occur around the 20th of it.

Difference in International and Russian Release Date

The second phase of iPhone release usually takes a week or two after the first one. So, it is highly anticipated that iPhone 7 release date in Russia will occur just before or after the beginning of October.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Russia

According to what we have discussed above, it is highly expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Russia is concluded to be around the beginning of October with the price tag of 64,990 RUB.  Apple hasn’t commented on it yet, but we will try to keep you updated with authentic info about it.


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