iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Saudi Arabia


The upcoming iPhone 7 is going to be one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. No doubt, it will showcase the design and some features which will completely revolutionize the smartphone technology. Anticipation about this Apple device is never ending. It can be seen in Saudi Arabia as well.

In the past, we have shared the expected iPhone 7 Release Data in UAE, since then we are getting queries from our Saudi fans as well, asking about the expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Saudi Arabia. We can feel that you are waiting eagerly for that. We don’t want to test your patience. So here we go to the speculations surrounding iPhone 7 price and release date in Saudi Arabia.

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Saudi Arabia

Past Release Dates

Looking at the past, our minds get jeopardize. There is no pattern of iPhone release date in Saudi Arabia. As we can see that iPhone 4s took more than two months after the international release to be available in Saudi Arabia. iPhone 5 was even later. It took more than three months to finally present itself to its fan in Saudi Arabia. It was shortened at the time of iPhone 5s, though. It took only a month. However, we were surprised by the iPhone 6 release in Saudi Arabia. The difference reduced from months to weeks, or week I will say. Yes, it took only a week for iPhone 6 to be made available in Saudi Arabia. But, it doesn’t last for long. The current generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s again increased the difference, almost to a month. The randomness in the release of iPhone in Saudi Arabia makes it hard for us to conclude iPhone 7 release date in Saudi Arabia.

iPhone 7 Release Date in Saudi Arabia

Apple is indicating its clear intentions to dispatch its upcoming iPhone sooner around the globe. We have witnessed this with the release of iPhone 6s. It was released late in Sadi Arabia, though, but in other countries, its release date occurred fairly sooner. This somehow guarantees that iPhone 7 will not take more than a month after its international release to be available in Saudi Arabia. so, if mid of September is the international release date of iPhone 7 which is highly probable, we expect iPhone 7 to be released in Saudi Arabia by mid of October. We will update you when we get any news or rumor on iPhone 7 release date in Saudi Arabia to make our approximation nearly accurate.


iPhone 7 Price in Saudi Arabia

iPhone 7 price in Saudi Arabia depends on some factors which we will be discussed with you briefly. Firstly, its international price along with exchange rate and taxation in Saudi Arabia. Let’s have a look on to them.


Along with the release date, apple has also set a trend for its prices from the release of iPhone 6. The base model of iPhone 6 was priced at $649. Same was followed in the case of iPhone 6s. The chances of apple changing its price trend are very low as apple will not be able to survive with the higher price tag. So internationally, iPhone 7 is expected to be priced at $649.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of Saudi riyal against US dollar is quite stable. Recently we saw some up and down in it, though. But the changes are very minor. At the time of writing, US dollar stood on 3.75 Saudi riyals. So accordingly, the base price of iPhone 7 in Saudi Arabia will be 2434 Saudi riyal. But wait! There is one other factor as well.

Taxation and Duty

Fortunately, peoples of Saudi Arabia are free from tax and duties on smartphones. They will get the upcoming iPhone 7 on the same rate on which it is purchased from the US. All they have to pay is the price of iPhone 7 in the equivalent of US dollar.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Saudi Arabia

That was all that is expected till now about the iPhone 7 price and release date in Saudi Arabia. It will be released by the mid of October this year. Its base price in Saudi Arabia will be around 3299 Saudi riyal. There is no official word on it, though. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated about it until you get your hands on it.


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