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iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Singapore


Singapore has been buzzing with the speculations about the upcoming iPhone 7. It is one of the most appealing markets for this smartphone. Sales are growing with each new iPhone. iPhone 7 is also expected to take the market by storm when it releases. For those who can’t control their nerves, we are going to speculate the most expected iPhone 7 price and release date in Singapore.

iPhone 7 Price And Release Date In Singapore

Release Date

As I told you before, Singapore is an appealing market for iPhone. That makes it to the list of countries where iPhone are released on the very first day of its international release. Same will follow in the case of iPhone 7. So, the question now is about the international release date of iPhone 7.

The only thing which can be easily guessed about the iPhone is its international release date. Apple has set a tradition of releasing its iPhone. According to tradition, every iPhone, from iPhone 5, has been released around the mid of September. To our knowledge, it is to avoid the clash with its arch rival, Galaxy S series of Samsung. This will result in huge losses for both of the heavyweights. Thus, iPhone 7 is also very likely to follow this tradition. That means we are going to see the upcoming iPhone 7 in mid of September, more probably around 20th of it this year. On the same day, we will see it in Singapore as well.


This is a very tricky part to determine. Even more tricky in Singapore. Generally, iPhones are more expensive in Singapore than in the US. The reason is only known to Apple. This is not the case only with iPhones, but other products as well. After all, Singapore is expensive to live in. So, in our calculation, we will add 10% to the total price to account for the expensiveness in Singapore. That is the ratio based on iPhone price trend in Singapore.


Base Price

From the release of iPhone 6, Apple has also set a price tradition for the iPhones. It has set $649 as the base price of iPhone 6 and 6s. iPhone 7 is most likely to follow this tradition in spite of additional features it will sport. Reasons being that Apple is hampered with the low sales of iPhone 6s. Moreover, iPhone already is an expensive product. Thus, the expected base price of iPhone 7 will be same at $649.

Exchange Rate

To buy iPhone 7 in Singapore, you will definitely pay in the native currency, Singaporean Dollar, SGD. At the time of iPhone 7 release date in Singapore, $1 is expected to cost around S$1.35. So, the base price in Singapore will be around S$875.

Other Expenses

Other expenses include shipping charges, taxes, duties and, of course, expensiveness. There aren’t any duties on the smartphone in Singapore. Only 7% of total cost including shipping charges will be counted as sales tax on smartphones with additional 10% of expensiveness. By making calculations, the final price on which we reach is S$1064.

Expected iPhone 7 Price and Release Date in Singapore

In the end, the iPhone 7 price and release date in Singapore can be expected as 20th of September and S$1064 respectively. This is what can be speculated so far. Stay tuned for more updates.


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