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iPhone 7 Price Worldwide


iPhone 7 has been the dream of many smartphone lovers around the world, but all are not wealthy enough to afford it. A very common questions which arises in every brain before the launch is “What will be iPhone 7 price?” Maybe they want to start saving from that perspective or so. Anyway, the price of iPhone 7 is being debated in every forum. Generally, iPhone are far more expensive than their competitors. The fact that they are smartphones with unique interface via iOS make them stand out from the rest of the market flooded with Android and Windows mobile. Thus, their price demand is totally justified.

Apple’s new offering will cost you either same as the price on release of current line up of iPhone 6 and 6s or more than it. One thing for sure about iPhone 7 price is that it will not be lower than the current, a joke but it is actually a strategy of companies.

iPhone 7 Price Chart

As per the assumptions, iPhone 7 will bring totally new features with it in terms of both hardware and software. But all these features comes at a cost. It is definite that it will increase the cost of production of iPhone. Apple barely will not tolerate all this cost on itself, rather it will ask its costumers to pay for that. SO, generally it can be said the upcoming iPhone 7 will most expensive iPhone by Apple.

However, the pattern of prices of iPhone tells us a different story. The two recent generations of iPhones, iPhone 6 and 6s were priced at the same cost. This indicates that Apple do not want to further increase the prices of its smartphones. If this is the factor, then we can hope that Apple will also keep its price for upcoming iPhone 7 same at $649 for 16 GB version.


The market factor also says that if Apple further increases its price of iPhone, then it will loose sales to its competitors, Samsung’s Galaxy S line up, LG’s G series and others from Motorola and Chinese manufacturers who are already putting tough time to iPhone. It is the other reason to believe that Apple will keep its price level same for iPhone 7.

In the end, it is all up to Apple to decide what pricing strategy it will adopt for iPhone 7. We will update you as soon as we get any news or rumor about the price of iPhone 7.


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