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iPhone 7 Pro News – Upcoming iPhone 7 Will Be Named “iPhone 7 Pro”


The diagram shows the leaked pictures of the iPhone 7 Pro. The iPhone 7 Pro news, says that iPhone 7 pro will have the Dual Camera at its back and 3 wide ports as we can see in the diagram. Reports say that Dual Camera will only be including in iPhone 7 Plus and Pro Models. There is nothing we found out about Dual Camera in the simple iPhone 7.

People do desire something various than the LG G5, which ended up a flop in regards to Dual Camera. Apple is planning something new on the Dual Camera feature.

iPhone 7 Pro News
Smart Connectors reminds us of iPad Pro, however they were to connect a wide keyboard, which is again not a better solution for a Smartphone, it could be for the charging dock or a cordless charging or something like that, it is not revealed yet and we have not heard anything about it, it is still a rumor that exactly what would be the function of Dual Camera and the function of those wise ports at the back.

This leaked info is from MacOtakara, formerly in 2014 their rumors were precise, so we can trust this information a bit, that something comparable is coming out. Possibly be the iPhone 7 Plus with the Dual Camera alternative. It is still not validated.

iPhone 7 Pro News

iPhone 7 Pro News, with brand-new reports after another, it is certainly just a matter of time prior to the company announces its arrival. It’s been a very long time because iPhones production were less than the demand. However, for Apple investors, it was a significant dissatisfaction and represented the company’s first year over year earnings decline in 13 years.


While Tim Cook has been doing a very nice task, he is still seen to be merely enjoying the traditions of the former CEO. The connector’s presence in a 5.5-inch device baffles lots of people as they think a phone would not require a keyboard.


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