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iPhone 7 Pro – Price, Release Date, Specs, Features and Difference


The latest iPhone 7 Pro concept has just arrived and it stays real to every general feature and leak we’ve concerned witness up until now. Completion outcome? A smartphone that’s undeniable Apple, and not fiction.

iPhone 7 Pro Concept Looks Astonishing And Stays True To The Upcoming Real Deal

It’s thought that the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 ‘Plus’ will bear the ‘Pro’ handle instead, setting it aside from the regular 4.7-inch iPhone 7 in a lot of methods. For beginners, the iPhone 7 Pro is thought to be undeniably much faster thanks to its A10 chip, and things are complemented with a double camera lens system at the back, something that will be special to the bigger of the two handsets.
One concept designer decided it would be an excellent idea to provide the iPhone 7 Pro the 3D treatment, bringing all the rumored features and specifications to life.

The artist did not go above and beyond to add something fictional on top of anything. The antenna lines have been gotten rid of from the back as reports are suggesting. The double-lens camera system is there with a bump to make sure some design realism. That’s not all, the artist went forward and named the processor that will be controlling the iPhone 7 Pro as well– the Apple A10. It’s not yet known at this point how much faster the new chip will be regarding performance and graphics expertise. The concept artist is recommending an 80 percent boost in performance. A strong claim we should state.

iPhone 7 Pro
The Smart Connector exists in the iPhone 7 Pro concept also, whose purpose is currently unidentified. However, we’re guessing that it may wind up being used for wirelessly charging up the device, or to be used with ‘wise’ devices like a keyboard attachment. But being honest, wireless charging capabilities would get better if Apple blesses the smartphones with this feature. But it’s currently not known what plan Apple is now resting on in regards to the better Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 Pro.

All in all, iPhone 7 Pro features is a banquet for our eyes, and it stays faithful to the Apple design language.This continues to be seen what surprises Apple Company will ship under the radar when it launches the iPhone 7 this year. Possibly that laser keyboard we’ve been yearning for?



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