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iPhone 7 Pro UK Release Date, Price, Features and Design


The ‘Plus’ model of the iPhone series has consistently been the most powerful according to the rumored specifications; that might change with the update of the iPhone 7 Pro release date later this year. Here, we discuss all we understand so far about the latest iPhone 7 Pro including its possible launch date, design news, specs rumors, leaks, and mockups.

iPhone 7 Pro UK Release Date Rumors: When to Expect iPhone 7 in UK?

The most important concern at the moment is “When is the iPhone 7 Pro UK release date?” And although we won’t be sure up till Apple sends out invites to its official launch event, we presume that the company will stick to its usual plan. What does that suggest? Apple has, for the past five years, revealed its mobile phones in September with the smartphones going on sale some weeks later on in the prime position to tidy up over the build up to Christmas.

Besides this being said, the iPhone 7 Pro UK release date is highly expected in early September 2016.

How will the iPhone 7 Pro appear like?

According to the rumored leaked schematics, the iPhone 7 Pro will feature the very same general design and dimensions as the iPhone 6s Plus, however with some significant modifications. The first noteworthy change is one that Apple fans have been fearing– the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the bottom of the smartphone. Remarkably, while a dual speaker would fill lots of the extra space offered to be the removal, but according to the schematics, the iPhone Pro will feature one speaker like the rest of the line-up.

iPhone 7 Pro UK release date


As the removal of the 3.5 mm jack, the iPhone 7 Pro is to feature a dual-camera setup on the back of the device, a little extending from the shell unlike the declared design of the iPhone 7.

Another addition to the iPhone 7 Pro is the Smart Connector, which was initially reported to be a part of the whole iPhone 7 housing, however, is now unique to the Pro.


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