iPhone 7 May Be Launched With 6-Core A10 Processor


Not much time has passed since the launch and release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but Apple’s supply chain has already dipped their heads in iPhone 7 manufacturing. The rumor says that the new iPhone will be coming with an A-10, 6-core processor. The latest iPhone 7 processor will be way better than the recent iPhones.

Apple always ceases to amaze with its upgrades of processors in each generation of the iPhone family. However, since the A5 in iPhone 4S, Apple has kept its processors confined to two cores only. Theoretically, more processor cores mean the phone will be able to handle more commands and data at the same time. The performance of the multi-core processor then depends on a number of factors including software optimization and an urge to keep a balance between battery life and faster responsiveness.

iPhone 7 Processor

According to a source, a vivid instance of this can be evident from the Apple’s iPhone 6’s dual core which could beat the four core processors easily. When there is no clear news of when the new iPhone 7 will hit the mass production, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and Samsung are expected to create the A10 processors or chips with a 10nm, smaller production action. Rumors are that if Apple would choose to manufacture a slightly bigger processor of about 14nm, the company may also consider Intel to build it instead of the prior two.

Talking besides the iPhone 7 processor, the new part of the iPhone fraternity will allegedly offer a 4K resolution display which is something new in the smartphone industry as it will give the luxury of four times as many pixels as a 1080p screen which can be seen in an iPhone 6s Plus. The battle to produce the thinnest smartphone has already also been considered seriously by Apple as it is going to launch the slimmest smartphone ever in the form of iPhone 7.


Additional facts and details are still hitting the news every now and then. It is now required to focus what is still in the market than to what will strike it after a whole year. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are just round the corner, so don’t forget to check that too as Apple has already sold so many of them!


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