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iPhone 7 Projector Built-in – Could Be Turned into Reality With 2016 Release


Apple, with the release of iPhone 7, is definitely going to make a lot of people happy from different walks of life. One of the prominent ones will be the executives and businessmen. The built-in iPhone 7 projector can greatly appeal the executives working in the corporate unit and the businesses who need separate projectors for presentations to clients. In case the projector is not available, iPhone 7 can be an alternative. All the files and documents that need to be displayed on a bigger screen can be saved in the phone and then, projected on the walls of the office or wherever needed.

iPhone 7 Projector

The technology giant Apple knows exactly how to make news out of anything that they produce. This is quite evident from the fact that two new phones iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have just showed up and iPhone 7 has begun to make rumors. One of the most storming apparent feature of the coming phone will be a whopping 21MP camera. This camera will surely leave behind all the DSLRs and even a need for it!

News suggest that Apple is trying really hard to install a projector in new iPhone which is going to release in the September of 2016. The projector would also be used by the common public to have a bigger portrait of pictures and videos saved in their expected 4.7 inches long phones. In short, the feature will be helpful to all the audiences, especially the ones who are into presentations a lot.

The projector may be a great addition but it cannot suffice the requirements of all the activities, thus cannot replace an actual projector. However, it can indeed prove to be a great substitute when in need. Be it a classroom or a million dollar convention, most of the presentations are dealt with the help of a working projector. For any kind of virtual presentation, the first step is to create a presentation using a suitable software or tool and then comes the part of a projector which will now be taken over by the iPhone 7. It is going to be a great news for the Apple lovers as if a projector would be successfully integrated in an iPhone, the competitors will have a strong point to show rivalry at. No doubt, this is going to be a trend-setter in the world of smartphones.


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