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iPhone 7 Quick Charge – New Patent Granted to Apple [Video]


According to a new patent, Apple may be planning to embed solar cells for iPhone 7 Quick Charge under its touchscreens. The company was recently granted a US patent for solar panel technology hidden below touch-sensitive surfaces, like the ones used in a Macbook trackpad, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

iPhone 7 Quick Charge

iPhone 7 Quick Charge Technology

Recently, it has been confirmed by several sources that iPhone 7 wireless charging is going to be introduced in the next released. According to this new solar panel patent, the hidden solar panel could quick recharge iPhone 7 all through the day. Unfortunately, the Apple patent is very vague about the technology – that may offer a welcome battery raise to the firm’s slew of power-hungry devices.

The concept video is old but it demonstrates the iPhone 7 Quick Charge Technology well:



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