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iPhone 7 Release Date in China


China is the second largest market of iPhone after the US. The iPhone 7 release date in china and sales record strengthens the overall sale of iPhone stats worldwide. It stood out of the crowd of Chinese local manufacturers and its arch rivals. iPhone in China has become a status of the symbol, as its price tag is much superior to that of local manufacturers which offer low spec android phones with the minor price tag.

iPhone 6s was out of stock after few days in the Chinese market, as of now, people in China will not let it happen again when iPhone 7 will be released next year. They will be curious to know iPhone 7 release date in China to get it before it runs out of stock like iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In China


iPhone 7 Release Date in China

It is weird to know that the second largest market of iPhone has no any particular pattern of the release date of it. Apple keeps on changing the difference of days between the release date of iPhone officially and that in China. But there certain reasons which will lead us to determine expected iPhone 7 release date in China.

So, currently, there is not any confirmed iPhone 7 release date in China, at least not by Apple. We will be looking on to other factors to determine what can be expected about it.


At first, Apple was not serious in its intentions of releasing iPhone in China in the first wave. It usually took three to four months after the official release of iPhone, that Apple released iPhone in China. But it began to realize its position in China after the release of iPhone 5. The high figures of sales of iPhone 5 in China made Apple alter its strategy on release dates in China. The effects were soon to be shown, iPhone 5s was released in China on the same date it was officially released. Though, it was not the case with iPhone 6, which was released on 17th of October 2014, after a month of its official release. Many of you will be thinking that iPhone 5s did not fare well in China but is not true. If Apple was not satisfied with its sales in China then it should not have released the recent generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s, on the same date as it was officially released.

From above release date figure of iPhone in China, one thing is for sure. Apple has realized its strength in China and wants to get their as soon as possible. The record-breaking sales of iPhone 6s further confirm it. If this continue, hopefully, we will see iPhone 7 release date in China same as it will be official, which is now expected to be somewhere in the mid of September.


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