iPhone 7 Release Date Delayed? Waterproof Features and Other Rumors


Apple fans, that are eagerly expecting the release of the iPhone 7 might get upset due to the delay of iPhone 7 release date by at least 12 months,” says the International Business Times.

Still, you can find rumors that Apple will upgrade its next flagship smartphone twice in 2015. Traditionally, Apple would update a generation of the company’s smartphone one time a year, and analysts say this is not going to change in 2015.

If any dates arise about the manufacturing of of the next iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, it won’t be directly announced by Apple as the company never discusses the pre-launch rumors until the device is publicly released.

The iPhone 6 is among the most anticipated smartphone of the year currently. If Apple sticks to tradition, the next iPhone is likely to release on the 3rd quarter of year 2015.

Apple always moves forward so one should be expecting better specs as opposed to previous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The iPhone 7 is likely to possess a better camera and a whole new A9 processor. The A9 processor has a smaller footprint and stronger than its predecessor. Also, it consumes 35% less battery power, so that we are often looking at the longer-lasting iPhone 7 battery. The A9 processor is expected to be powered with a 2GB RAM.


Will iPhone 7 Be Waterproof?

Apple is working on technology that may help the iPhone 7 be waterproof. They want to coat the water-sensitive components.

“Individual components will be coated in the thin film designed to halt liquids damaging the device, even it penetrates the outer casing,” reports the Daily Mail.

There may be great buzz on the web about the phone as well. Some rumors say that Apple may not just name another smartphone the iPhone 6S. Instead, perhaps it will host a whole new name. It most probably be called the iPhone 7 if they are going the skip the traditional naming series.

In accordance with sources, iPhone 7 will be featuring a new OS, the iOS 9.

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