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iPhone 7 Release Date in USA


USA, no doubt is the major market of Apple products especially iPhone. There were 164 million smartphone users in the United States in 2014 and Apple seems to be the king of the overall industry with more than 63 million of these users assessed to possess an iPhone, just shy of 20 percent of the USA’s general population. This places Apple’s iOS (operating system) second in the business sector behind just the Android Operating System, which is anticipated to have 76 million American users in 2014, right around 25 percent of the nation’s whole population.

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In USA


The iPhone remains the top-selling individual smartphone of any sort in the U.S., with sales of the brand coming to 500 million in March 2014 since the original iPhone was released in June 2007. Most of the Americans does not sound to question the features and specs of upcoming iPhone 7, but it is not same for its release date. Voice of questions can be heard on any tech forum regarding the iPhone 7 release date in US. But you do not worry, you will not feel any need to search through the tech forums for the release, as we are giving you the conclusive remarks on it.

USA is one of the countries where iPhone is released on the same that as it is by Apple. So, people who want to know iPhone 7 release date by Apple, should know the iPhone 7 release date in US. Apple has a patterned way of launching iPhone. It mostly in the mid of September that Apple launches its iPhone. The same is expected for the upcoming iPhone 7. The two recent generations of iPhone, iPhone 6 and 6s were released on September 19 and 25 respectively. If you are thinking that iPhone 7 is to be released around these dates, then you are thinking right. But there is a difference between thinking and putting it into actions. There are various facts and reasons on reality ground which needs to be discussed to figure out real iPhone 7 release date in US.

There is insane competition for supremacy of smartphone in the US and in International market as well. Samsung, LG, Motorola and many more manufacturers are vying for the top spot in the market. With that much intensity in competition, will Apple survive with its latest iPhone 6s, or do it need iPhone 7 to to reply to its competitors. iPhone 6s was the mere upgrade of iPhone 6, many can question its dominance in the market. If you too are questioning the same, the Apple is expected to answer you by pre-releasing iPhone 7. But wait, Apple has other answers too. iPhone 6s is posting a record-breaking sales, surpassing all the previous numbers recorded. If iPhone 6s is getting that much response, then it is most likely to survive till the Apple’s traditional release date.


The final verdict so far is that iPhone 7 release date will occur in its traditional season which is the last ten days of September. So stop worrying and start counting days, there will be no October before the release of iPhone 7 in US.


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