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iPhone 7 Release Date In India


India is becoming one of the largest markets for smartphones. It is a place left to be conquered. Apart from Apple, many Android manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola and number of Chinese ones are pushing hard to capture the market. Apple is vying to take the top spot in India. With the upcoming iPhone 7, Apple is preparing to take the Indian market by storm. In this scenario, the iPhone 7 release date in India is vital for Apple to make it. What are they up to do with their Indian fans? Let’s have a check.

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In India


Past Release Dates

India wasn’t a place for smartphone until now. There were more feature phones than smartphones. While Apple hasn’t any feature phone in its portfolio. This resulted in weak iPhone sales in India. But now, the situation is changing rapidly. India is becoming an emerging market for the smartphone. This is pretty evident from the fact that Apple has been shortening the difference of days in between the international release date and the one in India. For iPhone 4s, it took 41 days after its international release. Same was for iPhone 5 and few days more iPhone 5s. This was before the emergence of the smartphone market in India. After that, iPhone 6 took only a difference of 28 days. The difference further decreased wit iPhone 6s, which took merely 3 weeks.

Expected iPhone 7 Release Date in India

The current market situation in India exhibits that the upcoming iPhone 7 will take even fewer days after its international release to make it to India. Most probably, two weeks, in the second phase of its release. This was the expected difference between the iPhone 7 release date in India and the international one. But what is the expected iPhone 7 international release date? Till now, it is affirmed that Apple will be sticking to its traditional release date which occurs around the 20th of September. This makes as to conclude that iPhone 7 release date in India will take place in the beginning of October.



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