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iPhone 7 Release Date – Rumors and Confirmed News (October 2015)


Apple fans really can not wait to put their hands on the latest iPhone. Only couple of months has passed and fans are already anticipating the next generation of iPhone. They are wondering when they will have a look of upcoming iPhone 7. Though we our-self are wondering for same. Thanks to those who come up with inside secrets of iPhone and share with us.

Not all are true that is why they are given title off “Rumors”. But not all are false either. There are sources behind every rumor which shows how authentic it is. Today I am going to share with you some rumors which came from very authentic sources along with some confirm news about the release date of upcoming latest and greatest iPhone from Apple Inc.

iPhone 7 Rumors & Confirmed News

iPhone 7 Plus Metallic Concept

According to rumors regarding iPhone 7, Apple Inc. is not truly satisfied with the sales of iPhone 6s till now, which sparks the fact the Apple will be launching its next iPhone sooner. It is aired on internet that Apple is currently monitoring the sales of iPhone 6s, it is believed that Apple is thinking to cut down the price of iPhone 6s to increase its sales. But what if it does not work out for Apple? The only option left of which you, me, Apple’s fans and probably Apple itself think of, is to launch iPhone 7 sooner. If these rumors are taken to be true then hopefully we will see the new iPhone 7 in the starting couple of months of new year. Apple surely will try to sort out things with iPhone 6s which will take time from now and if things do not goes in Apple’s way, then it will quit waiting and will start preparing for the launch of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Release Date – Confirmed News

Till now, we are getting confirmed news that Apple will be following its traditional time of launching every iPhone which is mid of September. iPhone 6s was unveiled on 9th of September 2015, iPhone 6 also on 9th of September 2014, iPhone 5s on 10th of September 2013 and till iPhone 4s the launch date was in the mid of September. The reason for this can also be said that Apple want to avoid confrontation with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 which is said to be released in April. The direct confrontation of iPhone 7 and Galaxy s7 will result in losses for both tech giants. So, for the confirmed new about iPhone 7 release date, you have to wait till October of 2016.



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