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iPhone 7 Release Date In UAE


UAE has been an emerging market for smartphones, including Apple iPhone. Apple is keen enough to invest in this market where iPhone seems to dominate by a margin. The physical distance between USA and UAE is definitely a factor which causes the difference in release date. We’ve discussed the iPhone 7 Price in UAE in the past but the discussion here is about iPhone 7 release date in UAE.

iPhone 7 Price Release Date In UAE


Release Date Pattern

There is no definite pattern of the release date of iPhone in UAE, as it has been changing with every launch of iPhone. The iPhne 4s was launched on 16th of December while iPhone 5 was launched two days sooner on 14th of December. Whereas, iPhone 5s was launched on 1st of November, iPHone 6 on 17th of October and 6s on 10th. It is seen that Apple is being quicker in releasing iPhone in UAE for the reason, of course, is its hold on the smartphone market. This suggests us that iPhone 7 release date in UAE will be sooner than 10th of October.


Rumors of Apple releasing its upcoming generation of iPhone, iPhone 7, sooner than its traditional time, largely because of low sales of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If this rumor comes to happen, then surely we will see iPhone 7 sooner in UAE. August could be the month of iPhone 7 release date in UAE as Apple wouldn’t be able to launch it before as homework is needed to be done.

iPhone 7 Release Date In UAE

Unfortunately, iPhone’s arch rival, Samsung Galaxy S is also a major competitor in UAE’s market. If Apple is to launch iPhone 7 sooner than its traditional time, it will try to, at least, release it after a couple of months of the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung’s flagship is expected to debut in the month of April. This makes it obvious to some extent that Apple will stick to its traditional release date. However, iPhone 7 release date in UAE is expected to even sooner, and probably, on international release date.



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