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iPhone 7 Release Date in UK – Updates


Don’t get confused by the rumoured Apple iPhone launch occasion that took place on 21 March. That was for the iPhone SE, the ‘mini’ iPhone that is believed to be the first of a number of new iPhones and the iPhone 7 release date in UK is announced. The firm also announced the new iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display.

iPhone 7 Release Date in UK

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was released on the 9 September 2014, one might believe that iPhone 7 will release on 9 September 2016. Other than that will be a Friday, and it’s a lot more Apple-like to reveal new items on a Tuesday. Our money is on either Tuesday 6 September 2016, or Tuesday 13 September 2016 probably.

The latest reports about iPhone 7 release date in UK, due to destruction occurred by an earthquake in Taiwan to Apple supplier TSMC’s factories. In early February, reports emerged to recommend that Apple would use TSMC as its sole processor manufacturer, for the faster launch of their best phone worldwide, however, the earthquake came just days later.

iPhone 7 Release Date in UK

iPhone 7 Rumours Design

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus looked largely just like the 6 and 6 Plus, which is normally the case with Apple’s ‘S’ designs. We are expecting to see something completely new for the iPhone 7, although it’s very likely that it will be available in Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold.

Earlier reports that also emerged in February claim that the iPhone 7’s camera will be front versus the back of the phone instead of extending as it is currently on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


That’s according to MacRumors, which claims to have actually talked to a reliable source who says a 2nd design change for the iPhone 7 will be the elimination of the antenna band stripes on the back of the iPhone as shown in the mockup below.

But these design modifications could well apply to the very same ceramic back rumour as the rendering from Korean company also ditches the antenna lines and has a flash camera. In regards to measurements for the iPhone 7, a shot by means of no place else appears to show that the iPhone 7 will be 67.12 x 138.3 mm in size. That matches the iPhone 6S so the phone won’t be changing in size if this is appropriate. It also reveals a single hole for the camera which looks larger than previous models.

iPhone 7 Release Date in UK

iPhone 7 Measurements

More just recently, a website shared a photo obviously taken at Catcher innovations a case provider for Apple showcasing an iPhone 7 chassis render. While the images are blurry and could be really easily faked, if real, the leak verifies a number of rumoured modifications in the next generation Apple smartphone. Most significantly, the photos ‘confirms’ the choice to move the antenna lines from the back of the iPhone to the edges, in addition to a small modification in the camera setup.

While the camera bump still seems present, the renders show the chassis bulging out around the camera, however, why? One possibility is to protect the protruding lens from ending up being harmed, or it might just be to make the camera bump look a bit more attractive. However, that’s just a small change when you realise that the purported iPhone 7 chassis don’t consist of a 3.5 mm headset jack, which if true, will disappoint lots of Apple fans. There are numerous rumours about the headphone jack, so it’s really much up in the air as to whether it will remain or go.

We might well see the iPhone 7 cost £ 539 for a 16GB variation, £ 619 for 64GB, and £ 699 for the 128GB iPhone 7. Rumour has it, though, that there may well be a 256GB design of iPhone 7 although we think that’s not likely. If there is, nevertheless, anticipate it to be well into the area of £ 800. We’ll update, as soon as more rumours come to light with iPhone 7 release date in UK.

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