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iPhone 7 Releasing with iOS 10 – Features To Be Expected


It is certain now that Apple brings a new version of iOS along with the new smartphones. Simply logical, this year too Apple will launch iPhone 7 with iOS 10. So, iPhone 7 will come with which version of iOS, is not a question now. But what Apple will include in this new software package is a question. Tonnes of new features are rumoured to make a place in the new version of iOS.

iPhone 7 with iOS 10

Expected Features of iPhone 7 with iOS 10

Let me tell you some of the most anticipated features among them.

Siri will Answer Calls

According to Business Insider, next version of iOS will allow Siri to answer your calls and interact with the caller. No need to worry, it will not attend your personal calls, though. Siri will only attend calls when you are busy or misses the call for the defined number of calls. You can turn this feature off if you don’t want it, but I don’t think there will be any reason for doing this.

Free from JailBreak

Apple has been tightening its security on every new version of iOS it releases. The current version of iOS, iOS 9, is also giving tough time to the jailbreakers. As reported by Redmond Pie, Apple will get rid of those nasty jailbreakers in iPhone 7 with iOS 10 “Root-less” security system which will deny even the administrator level user, the access to the system files which are used to jailbreak. This feature will anger most iPhone users, especially those who can’t live without jailbreaking their iPhone.


Know Location and Status of Your Contacts

MacWorld has reported a feature of iOS 10 which will allow users to determine where their contacts are and if they are available or not. this will be done by using GPS to get the position of the contact, and gather data about its mode i.e. silent and response to the previous callers to check availability status. Unfortunately, this will only show contacts who are using iPhone with the same version of iOS and have this feature turned on.


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