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iPhone 7 Rumors and Features – What To Expect Really?


Merely a few days ago, Apple revealed its 4-inch mobile phone Apple iPhone SE, which has actually obtained good pre-orders in China. The iPhone 7 rumors and features, some from qualified sources with tested track records are multiplying at a torrential pace. Let’s have a look at the functions of Apple iPhone 7 which probably include rumors and features.

iPhone 7 Rumors and Features

1- iPhone 7 Rumors: Wireless Charging

In the previous few months, there have actually been consistent reports and expert files that Apple has actually teamed up with a little firm called Energous to incorporate the latter’s cordless charging technology in its future smartphones. Many existing wireless demanding technologies call for the smartphone to be positioned on a charging pad to bill them. On the other hand, Energous’ WattUp modern technology can charge mobile phones from a distance of nearly 15 feet.

2- No Earphone Jack

Back in November 2015, Japanese magazine Mac Otakara learned from supply chain resources that Apple was preparing to ditch the 3.5 mm earphone jack to make its next-gen front runner smartphone slimmer. Removing the earphone jack would certainly enable the business to reduce its density to merely 6mm. According to the publication, the apple iPhone 7 headphones will attach just over Bluetooth and also Lightning port.

3- Dual-Camera Arrangement

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, that has a performance history of spilling the beans regarding Apple’s future product schedule, has stated in a research study note that Apple was dealing with a dual-camera design that might substantially improve stability and image quality. According to Apple’s patent filing, the setup consists of a wide-angle lens, as well as a secondary telephoto lens to record zoomed-in pictures and video clips. Pictures are from both lenses will show up on the very same screen via a split-screen perspective. Once you have taken pictures, Apple’s software application will certainly combine them to create greater resolution images.

iPhone 7 Rumors and Features


4- No Protruding Electronic Camera And Antenna Bands

The next iPhone is stated to have its electronic camera flash with the rest of the body. The iPhone 7 will certainly additionally remove those hideous plastic antenna bands on the back that messed up the look of Apple’s past front-runner Apples iPhone. It will enable a cleaner visual with the entirely metal back.

5- Waterproof And Dustproof

Though the iPhone 6S was water-resistant, Apple never marketed it as a waterproof phone. Apple has actually been provided numerous licenses, consisting of one for a ‘self-healing elastomer’ that covers key openings such as, headphone port, USB port to prevent water, as well as dirt from getting into the gadget. The business likewise possesses a patent for technology that utilizes noise to eject water from speakers. The Apple iPhone 7 is rumored to have a combination of modern technologies making it water resistant.

6- 3 Versions Of The Apple iPhone 7

KGI Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo has actually reported that Apple would certainly release a special version of the iPhone 7 called iPhone 7 Pro. Kuo thinks that the dual-camera arrangement might be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Pro, which will certainly set you back a lot more compared to the big-screen iPhone 7 Plus.

7- A Tougher Built

iPhones are just one of the most beautiful devices worldwide. The Apple iPhone 7 will supposedly make use of a rounded glass casing made from Mass Amorphous Alloy, which is a blend of copper, nickel, titanium and also zirconium. The Bulk Amorphous Alloy is tough, light and also a scratch-resistant fluid metal that would make the future apple iPhone smoother and tougher. The other iPhone 7 rumors consist of an improved battery life, A10 CPU, as well as raised RAM.


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