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iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup – Updated May 2016


We’re sure to see a next-generation iPhone in 2016, however, what will the new iPhone 7 appear like? Traditionally, Apple rotates in between internal upgrades for the ‘S’ upgrade, then a physical redesign for the full number upgrade, so a totally revamped chassis is most likely. What new features should we anticipate? When will the iPhone 7 come out? We assemble the evidence to bring you “iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup”. Everything there is to know about the iPhone 7 so far.

iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup

In our iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup, we wrap a lot of ground you ‘d be astonished by the ideas, hints and general speculation about the iPhone 7 that individuals have handled to dig up. But for those who do not want all the detail, the following area sums up our verdict on the whole thing.

iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup
Apple will launch 2 new iPhones in September 2016, and perhaps three. The theory that Apple will press the main iPhone 7 launch forward to summer season 2016 seems thin to us, however, it is possible we will see an update to the 4-inch iPhone line earlier than the fall. We highly expect new iPhones to be unveiled there. Rather than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, this is more likely to be a 4-inch design, which most experts forecast will be the variation of the iPhone SE.

It’s too early to know what instructions Apple will choose, but it’s most likely to be thinner than ever: eliminating the headphone jack would be one way to help accomplish this, forcing music fans to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, or headphones that connect by means of the Lightning port, or an adaptor. The ‘no headphone jack’ rumour is beginning to gather momentum, with numerous ‘confirmations’ by means of several but confidential supply chain sources, although we’ve yet to see firm proof ourselves. Other design tweaks might consist of a flash camera and the removal of the antenna bands.



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