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iPhone 7 Size – Reasons Why iPhone 7 is Going To Be Huge


Nobody knows about the iPhone 7 size and there are a lots rumors in the market regarding this. Some statistics have shown that the Apple is going in downward since May 2015 and it’s a possibility that their sales may further decline after the release of iPhone 7. A big reason of this is the iPhone’s new specs and features which are not supposed to be spectacular in the vision of users. iPhone 6 was good enough and made a huge revenue for Apple due to its new design and some elegant features. But the iPhone 7 may not play a massive role in the generation of Apple’s revenue.

The Apple may have made some changes in their coming product because they couldn’t leave it like this and they may have thought about this earlier than the statistics report. According to the Apple analyst, Apple is going to increase the iPhone 7 size because they will want their product to earn revenue for them aggressively. For this reason, they are using the product signaling and will make some changes in their product to make their repo and financial sheet better.iPhone 7 Size

It will have the following changes mentioned below.

  • Introduction of Non-metal compound body
  • No headphone jacket and wireless earbuds
  • Integration of home button in the screen to reduce the forced touch

iPhone 7 Size -Apple’s Product Signaling Power

Apple’s product signaling power is so much high that it can be judged by the launch of iPod. Same is the case with iPhone 7. Apple is going to make the iPhone 7 size huge and will use it as a product signaling to increase their sales. Because a huge size smartphone will show the image that this person has the new iPhone 7. People will take this as a trend and buy more and more iPhone to show off. So, that’s the big reason why iPhone 7 is going to be huge in size because Apple is facing a hard time in the market and they are using the product signaling in the form of huge size iPhone 7 to make their product sale and financial position better in the market.



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