Days and months before the unveiling of the latest in the iPhone family, analysts have already set their radars towards the next big thing. The rumored iPhone 7 is set to be released in 2016 and can be the thinnest phone in the history of smartphones. There are dozens of rumors and expectations regarding iPhone 7 Specifications. One of the most discussed on is that iPhone 7 may be less than 6.5 mm thick. In contrast to this thickness, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came in with a thickness of 6.9mm and 7.1mm respectively and the latest addition to the series, the 6s were slightly thicker than these. This was made a reality to make the aluminum material stronger than before and also, to add a pressure sensitive touch display.

iPhone 7 Specifications

Phone 7 Specifications

The specifications rumors also surround the possibility that Apple is going to stick to the in-cell technology. This particular technology combines and integrates an LCD screen with touch screen sensors which make it possible to design thinner displays. However, with every amazing thing there is always a drawback attached. Here the disadvantage encompasses lower resolution displays as it becomes quite hard to attain good resolution with in-cell technology. Many websites have also claimed that the Apple will be experimenting with the glass-on-glass touch panel technology which may give a thicker screen but also integrates an additional layer of glass to make touch sensors more efficient.

There may be time left in the release of iPhone 7 but the specifications rumors are alive. This new smartphone is anticipated to take on some brilliant moves in the smartphone industry like Force Touch Display, a faster processor, an 8 MP front and 12 MP back camera and so on.

In addition to iPhone 7, there is a possibility that more Apple devices will be unveiled too. These expected devices include Bluetooth Stylus attached with a 12.9 inch long iPad Pro and a completely revamped TV set-top box, all launched by Apple in near future.


Rumors also say that the iPhone 6s will be the last phones in the series to see metallic casting. There will be some experimentations with the latest addition in the series. Other speculated news render the thought the iPhone 7 will also include an A10 system mounted on a chip which will be placed at the heart of the phone with a frame which is super thin, almost 6mm thick in width. The rumored iPhone 7 features might also include a 2K video display, front facing speakers and wireless charging puck.

Following are the speculated iPhone 7 Specifications:

  • A10 processor – Processor will be smaller in size and off-course much faster which will use much less power.
  • 4GB RAM – It is highly expected that Apple is definitely going to compete with other flagship devices which now have higher amount of RAM.
  • – We expect iPhone 7 to have atleast of 32GB so we can have enough free space after installing basic apps.
  • 21MP Dual Camera – The most anticipated feature of all. It is rumored that iPhone 7 Camera might have a DSLR-quality camera with dual lenses.
  • 4.7 inch display – Bigger screen is the most demanded feature of smartphones today. iPhone 7 screen is expected to atleast be of this size.
  •  – Competitors have already released water proof phones – Apple is going to replace Gorilla glass with complete sapphire display which should be shatter proof.
  • Wireless charging – Highly expected to released with iPhone 7 as Apple has been working on on iPhone 7 wireless charging feature for quite some time now.
  • iOS10 – The all new and refreshed iOS 10 with new default apps to cater more running apps simultaneously.