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iPhone 7 Specs – News, Rumours and Updates


The modification in the iPhone 7 has gathered combined emotions from everybody. This is not the only change Apple is carrying out to its upcoming design of phones. Pictures of the prototypes of the new iPhone have actually reached the internet,   the antenna band is also no place to be seen. The elimination of the Smart Connector and the Antenna Band is simply two of possible reported modifications, Mac Rumors reported. Other rumored modifications recommend that the camera will be provision a new design which is more concave than the previous iPhone cams. A 3.5 mm headphone jack will apparently be either be removed or changed with a lightning cable.

Despite these extreme changes, Apple is trying to impose on the iPhone 7, numerous are still hooked with what’s to come. The anticipation is simply gradually increasing as these reports and pictures of prototypes make it online, both getting favorable and negative responses. The iPhone 7’s hype remains to harm with Apple choosing the iPhone 6/6S chassis instead of a new design for the device, The Country Caller reported. The report even added that the elimination of these new features will hurt sales of the upcoming device with the currently lengthened upgrade cycles and consumer preference relatively shifting to the less pricey SE.

iPhone 7 Specs

iPhone 7 Specs

Despite whether Apple is using the changes to strategically increase their sales or not, their current sales decrease is greater than what they have actually had in the past years.

This iPhone-themed Atkins diet plan might come at an audio-enabling cost. Inspite of the headphone market universally supporting a conventional 3.5 mm audio jack you know the one, Apple patents have revealed the iPhone 7 might forge its own path in audio connections. It has actually been suggested, and backed up by leaked plans, that the iPhone 7 Specs could ditch a physical headphone port altogether, compelling individuals to embrace either Bluetooth-friendly or Lightning connection port. A petition has actually currently begun to stop this happening, nevertheless. Rather, it has actually been declared the phone will boast improved internal speakers. Proof of the earphone jack elimination was on the program that supposedly depicted a protective case for the device.


A slimmer phone can add features. however, and here enhanced storage capacities are anticipated. With iPhone’s having actually topped out at 128GB in recent years, reports have actually suggested a new, 256GB model will land for the deep of pocket. Battery life should not suffer either. Heck, it could even improve, with Apple is understood to be working on wireless crediting make re-juicing a lot simpler.

This isn’t where the early iPhone 7 Specs leaks have actually stopped, either. The phone’s new power supply has actually currently made a premature look. As if the Apple’s present A9 chip didn’t provide adequate power, early reports have declared the upcoming iPhone 7 will see the iPad maker relocate to a new, more powerful six-core processor and there was no space for a 3.5 mm input in sight.

As presenting added grunt, the new chip most likely set to be dubbed the A10, since that’s how numbers work the added cores should see Apple better manage this power, additional assisting extend the phone’s currently outstanding battery life. Long term partner will not be making the A10 however, with TSMC have been given the nod. A new wireless connection conventional LiFi, which transfers data over a light-based spectrum, has also been tipped for addition.

Another possible small change made by Apple’s busy patent filers is the insertion of a virtual keyboard. While an unlikely addition for next year’s design, Apple is understood to be working on a method of digitally predicting a keyboard onto flat surface areas, letting users type freely without a physical add-on.

With iPhone sales having actually recently seen their first-ever quarterly drop, analysts have actually predicted that the iPhone 7 might not be as thrilled as we all hope. “To sustain growth, the iPhone needs to come up with more ingenious features to revitalize the user experience, for example in type aspect design, software and hardware specifications,” KGI Securities analyst and repeated Apple tipster, Ming-Chi Kuo stated.


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