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iPhone 7 Stereo Speakers – Powerful Dual Speakers To Be Seen


One of the most special thing about the upcoming iPhone which completely takes it a step ahead of Samsung Galaxy S7 is the iPhone 7 Stereo Speakers.

This news is getting quite controversial but still it is believed to be a brilliant idea. Circus Logic is known to be a leading company of providing dual speakers. The second speaker is expected to replace the 3.55mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7.



Update on iPhone 7 Stereo Speakers

iPhone users have to somehow rely on Bluetooth stereo headphones for listening to music, watching movies and receiving phone calls.

A San Francisco designer believes that headphones jack removal will leave more space on a screen and makes it thinner in size. This feature also created a possibility for the Apple to remove the home button from iPhone 7.


Many other news sources online have claimed the real reason behind the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack. The reason is just to save more space at the bottom of the iPhone body. This would allow the manufacturer to make future iPhone thinner. If we study the history, this is not the first time Apple is opting out of features from its devices. In the past, we have seen the removal of DVD disk drives from Mac PC’s and removal of USB type-C port from Macbooks.

Apple users are not too happy with this new feature as 22,000 users have already signed a petition against Apples new feature. Some users on twitter are also unhappy by the removal of headphone jack from iPhone 7. Whereas if headphones jack removal provides stereo speakers then Apple users think it’s worth to compromise for.

Bluetooth headphones have been improving a lot in the last couple of years. Few giant companies like Beats, Senheiser, Bowers & Wilkens and Sony provides high-quality Bluetooth headphones that not only provides stereo sounds but gives a good bass too.

Some users believe that there is a massive difference between the wired headphones and the high-quality wireless ones. But other users think that stereo speakers will make iPhone 7 a better device for listening to music, watching movies and receiving phone calls.


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