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iPhone 7 Storage Space Will Start from 32GB As Minimum


The new article from Chinese media website MyDrivers is starting up the rumor mill for the iPhone 7, Apple’s next major revision to the iPhone due later on in 2016. The iPhone 7 is expected to feature external design changes which indicate big modifications inside and out. The report declares explicitly that the iPhone 7 5.5-inch screen, will come to iPhone 7 storage space of 256 GB storage setup and feature a bigger internal battery, ranked at 3100 mAH.

The track record of the site is rather suspicious, so it’s most likely absurd to treat anything as for certain, and both points suggest that Apple will be tending to two major points within the iPhone range with the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Storage Space

Battery life is a problem shared by numerous iPhone users. Moving to 3100 mAH in the iPhone 7, is an increase of about 10% over the 2750 mAH battery in the iPhone 6S. While more mAH does not necessarily equate to improved battery life (as the power draw of hardware components also has to be taken account), it is a great indication as chips and circuit boards tend to get more efficient gradually, not less.

We’ll have to keep waiting for any news on the battery capacity of the 4.7-inch model, however. It’s a long time ’till the expected fall statement of Apple’s new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Storage Space


Increasing the top end storage recommends that Apple could be altering the storage across the board. Perhaps the no. 1 grievance in the area is that the base 16 GB size is just too small to be usable. If Apple does include a 256 GB alternative to the lineup, it makes it easily understandable that the company will shuffle the other storage sizes. Personally, I wish for the lineup to alter to 64/128/256, but other combinations like 32/64/256 and even four storage sizes are plausible. It just seems ludicrous that Apple will continue to sell 16 GB phones to traditional consumers when it is also offering a 256 GB design.

The MyDrivers report merely claims that the 256 GB offering will only be readily available for the iPhone 7, so perhaps only the bigger phone will receive bumps to storage.


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