iPhone 7 Upgrade Could Be Last Big Apple Upgrade


A new kind of rumor is coming out related to the iPhone 7 upgrade. It is a possibility that the next iPhone could be the last phone from the Cupertino-based tech giant to feature huge upgrades. As this product of Apple is coming in approximately starting from the second quarter of 2016 so this is predicted that this device will attract some immense market success.

Growth besides the iPhone

There are a number of rumors about Apple that 2016 will be the year of Apple’s revenue but beside of the iPhone’s line. That means they will introduce new technologies and products in the market that will earn them a great revenue.

It is also said that before the iPhone 7, the Apple watch manufacturers might release a more affordable version of the latest generation iPhone, the iPhone 6C. A famous and prominent Apple analyst declares that there is a high possibility for the company to bring out a new model of iPhone having a 4-inch screen that might be called iPhone 6C.

iPhone 7 Upgrade

iPhone 7 upgrade rumors are flying, and Apple has applied for lots of patents. Those patents give us hints about new features that could appear in the iPhone 7, from wireless charging to a touchscreen with built-in Touch ID.


iPhone 7 Upgrade may be the last one?

We cannot confirm anything until and unless the iPhone 7 is not launched in the market as there are lots of rumors flying everywhere. No one can confirm them except the Apple’s their self. It is said by media outlet which quoted Daniel Ives who is an FBR capital analyst, he is saying without any proof that the coming iPhone 7 may be the last hurrah in terms of blockbuster upgrades. Apple is clearly challenged to enhance product revenue beyond iPhone that means they want to make a side safer by introducing a new type of products which can earn them a better revenue if in case the iPhone doesn’t work.

The iPhone 7 upgrade may be the last one by Apple as they will move on to some new innovative decisions and introduce wearables and TV with the affordable price and quality features. They are doing this through other products to acquire other growth engines besides the iPhone.

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