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iPhone 7 vs Note 7 – What Samsung is Bringing to Compete


iPhone 7 vs Note 7: which smartphone will be a better option for you? While consumers have their reasons for choosing a certain brand, significant features, designs and improvements always affect a user to choose one over the other.

iPhone 7 vs Note 7

Forbes has recently revealed a leak of both the iPhone and the Note 7. Although these are not ensured to be the official specifications of the new releases, the new information was gathered from dependable tech experts and professionals.

According to the site, Apple has apparently made “last minute” changes to its latest flagship phone. The iPhone 7 vs Note 7 rumor insisted that after three years, the Space Black variant would supposedly be made available once again. The new iPhone will supposedly have five options- Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Gray, and the rumored Space Black.

When it comes to the Note 7, a various Forbes reports pointed out that it will be available in three different colors- Black Onyx, Blue Coral and Silver Titanium. The new Note 7 will also feature a curved “Edge” screen like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Other leaks about iPhone 7 vs Note 7 also revealed that the iPhone 7 might be pulling out of its 64GB storage alternative. Keeping the report in mind, the tech giant might just offer a 32GB entry level design followed by a 128GB midrange and 256GB leading end.

Perhaps on the most significant leak for the Note 7 recommends a new essential detail in the newest Samsung smartphone- a USB Type-C port. The new USB port will reportedly be a gamble, but it will most certainly add to make the Note 7 a top notch phablet.

In general, it looks like the new Samsung gets the upper hand on the iPhone 7 vs Note 7 face-off. However, Apple may still be dealing with a few more surprises for the new iPhone 7, so consumers have to watch out.


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