iPhone 7 Water Proof And Shatter Proof Features Expected


We expect the iPhone 7 to arrive in mid-September 2015. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched on 9 September 2014 (and released to people on 19 September); the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s were launched on 10 September 2013; the iPhone 5 was launched on 12 September.

In line with the source, iPhone model will include a sapphire display. What’s more, iPhone model will reportedly be shatter-proof and water-proof.

iphone 7 water proof

iPhone 7 Water Proof and shatter-proof rumor is intriguing, only if because so many people damage their phones by dropping them and shattering the screen. Where as a sapphire iPhone display would essentially be scratch-resistant, sapphire is more tougher than the Gorilla Glass created by Corning. Still, patents have emerged which claim that Apple has been exploring ways to make use of sapphire as a layer over Gorilla Glass, perhaps achieving the best structural elements from each material. The waterproof feature can also be interesting, but one wonders how Apple might manage that without some type of clumsy cover.

As we know that Apple’s rival companies Samsung and Sony have already launched their waterproof smartphones, and Apple will certainly come up with the same technology we’ll just have to wait and see whether iPhone 7’s water-proof technology is better or not.



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