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iPhone 7 Waterproof and Self-Healing Features Expected


A new rumor about iPhone 7 is coming out that the coming personal device of Apple is coming up with the waterproof technology. The new iPhone 7 waterproof technology will be a new test by the Apple because the devices before this were not having this feature. This is a new thing by Apple which is never tested before on any device.

New Self-Healing Material in iPhone 7

According to a new patent, Apple is coming up with the “self-healing material” in the coming iPhone 7. This can also be helpful in the manufacturing of iPhone 7 waterproof as this material will resemble to rubber the little bit, it can also help to make the iPhone waterproof. This will be a new feature in the iPhone’s as this has not been included in the previous devices before. They will cover the device with the self-healing elastomer with several layers which will protect them from damage.

iPhone 7 Waterproof

iPhone 7 Elastomer Protection

The self-healing elastomer will help to protect the device from water, debris, dust, gas and other damaging materials. This elastomer will protect the device. But, there will be a challenge for the Apple to make the elastomer’s color be matched with the device. For that purpose, they may make a mixture of that elastomer/rubber material with the different materials.

iPhone 7 Waterproof Innovation

This will be a new technology introduction in the smartphone world as this kind of sayings we have never heard before. This can be a point for the Apple to earn some great revenue as no one wants to have his iPhone be damaged or to be sink in water. This material will also help to make iPhone 7 waterproof. It could be applied on the iPhone’s headphone jack by including the cylindrical housing which will protect the device from dust, liquid, and harmful materials. This creativity will be very interesting as this material will be somehow flexible and this will automatically reseal when the connector is released from the attachment.


Apple urging to come forward

Apple is trying to take on the other smartphone vendors by introducing this technology. As the Samsung Galaxy S7 is also coming some earlier or after the iPhone 7, so it will be a tough choice for the consumers to select the best one. But we can say that Apple is coming with a new creative idea and it can be handy for them to get profit over their competitors.


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