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iPhone 7 will have 2GB RAM and an Apple SIM [Rumor]


If Apple carries on with what it’s beend doing for years now, in 2015 we’re certain to see the iPhone 7 launch. And today we have more than a rumor and an almost confirmed news about the new device.

According to a unnamed “person accustomed to Apple’s future product plans, who has provided straight answers with certainity”, the iPhone 7 will boast 2GB of RAM.

That’s double the total amount within the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and it could mark the 1st bump in RAM capacity for Apple smartphones since the iPhone 5, which launched in 2012.

Before the iPhone 5, the iPad 3 had 1GB of RAM first, and nowadays the iPad Air 2 already ships with 2GB, therefore if history repeats itself the raised level of memory should get to the next-gen iPhones.

2GB of RAM would obviously enable smoother multitasking, but it could apparently create issue backup time issues and battery lifespan inside the process. Regardless, this appears like one common sense move therefore it is more likely to happen.


Less certain seems Apple’s rumored decision to ship the iPhone 7 with the Apple SIM that debuted alongside the previously mentioned iPad Air 2 last year. On device, this allows you to quickly join a data plan at any participating carrier from the Settings. It entails no contract signing and helps you to switch carriers at any time.

The latest iPhones might get released in September, and released 2 or 3 days (or weeks) following the official announcement.


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