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iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods – New Concept Video


We’ve already seen lots of iPhone 7 concept designs and we’ll certainly see a lot more prior to its release later on this year.

Today we have a new concept video that shows iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods and has been very stylishly rendered, including a video for a more detailed look. Check it out and let us know exactly what you think of this idea.

This latest vision comes from designer Miroslav Majdak, who said it’s not based upon rumors but is focused on being a more practical concept.

iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods

This new iPhone 7 concept packs an Apple A10 processor and M10 coprocessor, comes in 4.7 and 5.5-inch display screen sizes, runs iOS 10, and has improved 3D Touch. From the images, we can see that there’s no audio jack (just as anticipated), and there are sizeable speakers however with really tiny holes on the bottom edge. The antenna lines have actually been repositioned to the top and sides so they are less obvious.


iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods

Meanwhile, the volume controls on the side and Home button on the front are now both embedded within the housing. The volume and power buttons both use Force Touch technology. The phone functions HD+ audio with dual microphones and is 6.2 mm thick. This concept also includes very good-looking iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods that would be included in the box.

iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods  – The Details

The iPhone 7 Wireless Airpods support Bluetooth 4.2 and would have batteries to provide approximately 2 hours of listening time. Thirty seconds of charging would provide 10 minutes of battery life. They have a top quality polycarbonate building and include touch sensors on the sides for controls. The housing of both earbuds likewise includes a MagSafe charging adapter.

As we said at the top we’ve embedded a short video below for a detailed look.


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