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iPhone 7 Wireless Charging: Rumors Point Towards Speaker Coil, Taptic Engine


Apple’s upcoming iPhones will be reportedly having the ability to charge the battery wirelessly. However, instead of housing separate hardware for this cause, the tech giant proposed to use one part in order to play double functionality as a speaker or something else.

A patent application file by Apple was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, named “Inductive Power Transfer Using Acoustic or Haptic Devices”. The patent conspires an invention which includes a metal coil to function in two modes. The first mode is designed so that the coil could produce sound waves for the speaker of an iPhone or otherwise, to capture the sound for a mic. However, when the second state is switched, the coil would be used to charge the iPhone wirelessly while being connected to the wireless charger.

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

As an alternative, Apple propounds using coils manufactured into a feedback part like the iPhone 6S’ taptic engine in order to perform double functionality of wireless charging and vibration. Other than iPhone, the company is planning to use this technology in a few other devices, for example, MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch.iPhone 7 wireless charging

iPhone 7 wireless charging has not made its way yet. Though, Android has already been enjoying this feature in a number of phones like LG, Sony and Samsung of course. One of the possible reasons behind it can be the aluminum cases as wireless charging does not work through them and iPhone 6 was released with the one. Although in July 2015, it was unveiled that the technology of wireless charging supports recharging through materials like metals.


This is not the first time that the company has tried using the same components to nail different duties. In the year 2013, Apple filed a patent application to design a device that utilizes the same hardware for the purposes of both near-field communication and wireless charging.

There are many filings and applications that have come to the front from Apple, it is still unclear when or if Apple plans to use any of them in the upcoming device. The patent was filed by Apple in April 2014 and give credits to its engineers namely Gary P. Geaves, Nikolas T. Vitt and Justin D. Crosby for the invention.


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