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iPhone 7 Curved Display – Full Glass Display Concept


The design of the Apple’s new smartphone set, apparently named the iPhone 7, will be a better departure than the previous models based on the recent patents that were filed by the Apple Inc. The most recent design rumors feature an iPhone 7 curved screen that attaches a home button in an attempt to stretch the likely screen of the iPhone 7 right to the bottom of the phone.

The latest patent by Apple that was published on the 29th of September by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which is quite similar to the previous patents from the tech giant, suggests that the concept is one which is under consideration for the new iPhone. It can also be taken as a red herring or maybe Apple is trying to prevent the rival companies like Sony and Samsung from using the concept. However, it should be kept in mind that Samsung has already introduced an edge-to-edge display in the recent release Samsung S6 Edge.

iPhone7Concept Curved Display

A full HD, 4.9 inch iPhone 7 Curved Display, made of sapphire will also be featured in iPhone 7, something that Apple refers to as sidewall screens. These allow the user to expand the functionality of the sides of the device. If the latest patents are to be picked, it is expected that iPhone 7 will not be cornered with the single use functionality of the existing power buttons and volume.

Since most of the switches and buttons have constant functionalities, therefore they cannot always be embodied into the applications third party offers. For this reason, there is always a need for an improvised form factor for all the portable electronic devices so that the functionality can be extended to more than just one surface of the phone.


Apple, on the safe side, has not commented on any of the rumors which may have a connection with the future products and thus, has not revealed whether a wraparound display will be a part of the iPhone 7. Some of the rumors have also surrounded the inclusion of a more rugged and waterproof casing. If all these rumors go right, the iPhone 7 release date could be anywhere in September of 2016.

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