iPhone 7 with External SD Card Storage and 5.2-Inch Screen [Rumor]


A new concept schematic of the iPhone 7 showcases possible new features like a new HD 5.2-inch display, a front-facing flash camera and possibly an external SD card slot.

According to theĀ Business Insider, theĀ concept schematic is produced by a designer, named Nikola Cirkovic. In the first look the design almost looks exactly like any other iPhone currently available, but there are a few new features to talk about to create excitement among Apple fans.

The first concept feature is about the front-facing 5-megapixel camera with a flash. The article says that Apple will utilize this hardware enhancement to prove that the iPhone 7 will take better quality “night selfies” than its predecessors. At the time of iPhone 6, Apple showed special concerns to produce a camera which can take good quality photos in low-light, so, in Cirkovic’s concept, the iPhone 7 might enahce those features to the front-facing camera as well.

The picture shows how big is the iPhone 7’s concept display is. With the release of iPhone 6, many were satisfied that the iPhone finally had a larger-sized screen. In this concept, the iPhone 7 could have a 5.2-inch screen instead of the existing 4.7-inch standard.

Last on the rumors list is an addition of an external “card slot”. Immediately one may think this future iPhone model has support for external storage. However, it’s much more likely that Cirkovic might be referencing a SIM card slot as opposed to the SD card slot.


It’s important to know that this concept by is only a rumored design as opposed to anything linked to fact. However, these specs may either be true or false when the iPhone 7 hits the market possibly later in 2015.


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