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iPhone 7C with 4-inch Display To Be Released In Mid of 2016


Apple is preparing for the launch of their new iPhone 7 series. According to the new reports, Apple is also preparing for the launch of a 4-inch model iPhone 7c. According to IHS analyst Kevin Wang, who has followed a good track of information about Apple products prior to their launch, the Cupertino-based company is actually scheduling to launch the upcoming 4-inch iPhone a little bit sooner than it normally does.Most new iPhone launches come about in the fall, but Wang claims in a post cited by G for Games that Apple’s going to change this policy for the forthcoming model and will launch it in the middle of the year.

iPhone 7C – Could It be a Reality?

Particulars aren’t available for the present condition, but it’s considered that, together with the 4-inch model iPhone 7c, Apple could also take the wraps off the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. All variants will come with the A9 chip, specifically upgraded for better performance and enhanced battery life, but also with a smaller edge, which should eventually lead to cut down its overall weight.

iPhone 7C

The 4-inch iPhone 7c is very probable to have less upgraded attributes, such as 3D Touch support, as Apple wants to keep this exclusive and unique on more costly models, but also makes an effort to make the device a little more affordable or to be within once financial means (the term “affordable” doesn’t really match Apple’s school of thought, but the goal here is to offer a model that’s not as expensive as the high-end iPhones).

Alternatively, the smaller iPhone could come with a metal showcase that would add to the high-quality coating regardless of its lower price. The device is very probable to retail such as the iPhone 7c, but the name could definitely change during the intervening time as Apple may actually look for a different sobriquet in order to distinguish it from the 5c, which wasn’t exactly marked by a favorable outcome.



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