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iPhone 7S Super Fast Charging- Is This True?


Tired of waiting for your smartphone to finish charging? By 2017, your iPhone could completely charge from 0% to 100% in just 5 minutes with iPhone 7S super fast charging, in a portable consumer-friendly package that will make long charging times a thing of the past.

An Israeli startup called StoreDot has actually demonstrated the new technology at Microsoft’s think next conference that demonstrated how, using basic mobile phone batteries, they can speed up charging of a smartphone to full to under a minute.

iPhone 7S Super Fast Charging

If you know how batteries charge, this is a tricky issue. Essentially, batteries are like filling up a water balloon, in the beginning, you can really just blast the water in there, due to the fact that there’s plenty of empty space. However, you have to trickle water into preventing the whole thing from just exploding on you.
iPhone 7S Super Fast Charging

StoreDot’s basically saying that they’ve determined a way to blast energy faster into the balloon, and not slow down when they have to trickle up the top. That’s a strong claim and even more excellent, StoreDot says the innovation would use the same batteries as existing mobile phones, and the battery chargers would only cost twice as much and since they’re affordable, at least on smartphones, that implies generally nothing.

If there is any idea of truth to this rumor, it may demonstrate that Apple isn’t really oblivious to the bunch of user complaints surrounding iPhone battery life concerns. In spite of Jony Ive’s appearing fixation with creating thinner┬ádevices, iPhone users for years on end have all screamed in unison that they ‘d rather have a device with more robust battery life than a thinner form element. On an associated note, if the only next-gen iPhone to offer enhanced battery life is the iPhone 7 Plus, it ‘d be annoying to see Apple blatantly prevent the overall user experience on other iPhone designs in an effort to funnel users to a higher-margined device.


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