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iPhone 8 News is Already Here – Something You Should Know


If you’ve been excitedly waiting for the release of the iPhone 7, you might want to hold on to your money a little bit longer. A new report suggests that the purported iPhone 7 will only be an incremental upgrade over the iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 8 News may arrive sooner than anticipated.

Traditionally, Apple has actually released a new phone every year, alternating in between a slightly improved “S” design and a full-blown upgrade. According to Barclays expert Mark Moskowitz, nevertheless, Apple may skip the iPhone 7s and jump directly to the iPhone 8 next year.

iPhone 8 News

Moskowitz likewise thinks the iPhone 7, which is anticipated to be released this year, will not be as big of an upgrade as hoped. In a note to investors, Moskowitz stated that based on his contribute chain checks, the iPhone 7 will not have “any must-have kind element changes” over the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 8 News


This falls in line with rumors we’ve heard up until now about the awaited flagship, which suggests that the most significant modification in design will be the removal of the earphone jack. That’s not a very noticeable difference, and may discourage those who enjoy their wired headsets from buying the new phone.


Another rumored absentee from the iPhone 7 might be the home button, which could be changed by Apple’s 3D Touch pressure-detecting screens for navigation. Other reports consist of a dual-camera setup for much better images, vibrant new displays, beefier batteries and improved design.

If all these reports are true, the iPhone 7 may well be worth the upgrade. But Moskowitz states it will just feature a couple of tweaks and updated components. Plus, he anticipates the iPhone 8 to be the flagship that has most of the rumored iPhone 7 upgrades, such as the removed home button, OLED display, along with possible wireless charging.


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