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Leaked: Working iPhone 7 Video Captured


Before the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus this week on 7th of September, many leaks are arrogating on Twitter, Facebook, and different platforms and one of them are of working iPhone 7 Video.

iPhone 7 Video

Recently, there was a leak that iPhone will launch 256GB of storage with headphone jack adapter in the Apple box.

Another leak says that iPhone is eliminating 3.5mm jack, which is wonderful for me. In my opinion, wireless airpods in iPhone is the next big thing they are coming up with, If they are introducing wireless airpods then they must have a notable reason and a fantastic solution.

Another rumor is Apple is coming up with a dual-lens camera which people are saying that it has DSLR-like experience.


Viral Working iPhone 7 Video

Meanwhile, the working iPhone 7 video is going viral on the internet which was shared on Twitter.


In this video, we can see three working models of iPhone 7. At the end of the video, the person turns up the third cell phone which confirms the design and the dual-lens camera in the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or Pro. The color of the mobile phones look slightly white, and it looks pink when he turn up the iPhone 7. So, the speculation about the deep blue, glossy or matte black color is not yet confirmed in this video.

Among all the speculation, gossips and tittle-tattle this is the biggest leak so far on the internet. Anyhow, Apple’s iPhone 7 is releasing on the 7th of September, I guess there are already so much of speculation, and they will keep coming till the release of iPhone.

How do you find this video, how is the color, design and that dual-lens camera? Share your views in comments


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