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Some Inner News Of The Most Innovative Features For iPhone 7 2016


One night the world witnessed the new iPhone 6s and the next day is speculating about the next in the camp. The world is surely getting greedy with every installation in the process and craving for more and more. Whispers have already emerged related to the next generation processor that might be a part of the iPhone 7 in 2016, apparently planned to go out with the sun of September 2016. In line with the Apple’s processor naming convention, the rumors are that the processor will be an A10 chip. As you already know that the current hardware of Apple runs on an A9 chip, it is said that according to the tradition, Apple will be releasing a new iPad Air before 2015 comes to an end, mounted with an improved processor – an A9X chip. This will be taken over by the improved A10 chip next year with the invention of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 2016

Some of our most trusted sources have revealed that Apple will not be compromising with its processing speed this time and multi-threaded processing in its way. This is the reason why the A10 processor will be a hexacore CPU, yes with 6 cores in total. The production method according to speculations will be utilizing a 10nm or a 14nm semiconductor, which will be possibly built by either Samsung or TSMC.

Rumored Features of iPhone 7 2016

The Body Design

The Rose Gold color was actually introduced in the iPhone 6s casing and has taken the public by a storm. The Rose Gold casing will be primarily complimenting the Rose Gold Apple Watch. Considering the actual existence of a gold iPhone, this is actually a surprise color. It is quite hard to believe that the company will be making a rose gold iPhone which will consist of actual gold. If it would be true, the iPhone will cost a fortune and the possible worth of an iPhone would be $17000.

Additional Microphones

In order to further enhance the voice quality, Apple is considering adding one speaker directly near the speaker in the iPhone 7 2016. Well, this is not something spectacular, but really nice. This feature will definitely help with the calls, and since Siri has been made more powerful with the iOS9, it will be very handy for her to pick the commands accurately.


More RAM

Not only an A10 Processor, but the iPhone 7 will be adopting an upgraded RAM of 2GB LPDDR4. This will be the double of what the current iPhones are installed with.


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