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How Much iPhone 7 Will Cost? Price Expectations & Rumors


Apple Inc. has just released its new iPhone 6s, but it was not enough to calm down the excitement of iPhone fans. They want more from Apple and are waiting eagerly for the next generation of iPhone which will pack all new features which Apple fans are looking. Waiting for your favorite gadget to show around is a very nasty thing. That is why Apple fans are found killing time and being more excited by asking various questions pertaining to new iPhone like what it will bring, what will be its design, which iOS version will it run, how many megapixels of the camera will it offer and so more.

How Much iPhone 7 Will Cost

So, Really, How Much iPhone 7 Will Cost?

The answer for this not certain on the grounds that Apple itself would not have decided that yet. However, from past experience and current situations, one can figure the expected cost of iPhone 7. This time, we have got a number of reasons to suggest the expected cost of upcoming iPhone 7. So, what are these reasons and what can be expected from them? All cases are discussed below for your knowledge.

More Features

The up and coming iPhone 7 will bring a ton of new elements alongside improvements in current features, not at all like s-variants of iPhone which just brings internal updates. The current iPhone line-up is missing an excess of elements which their Android partners are putting forth like NFC, IR Blaster, Curved Display, appropriate Bluetooth usefulness and a few others. Apple is sure to answer their rivals with their next iPhone. But there is a cost associated with all these features which need to be covered up. Apple without a doubt won’t be paying it for you, rather you need to pay for those additional features. This beyond any doubt implies that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be much pricier than the present line up. If the current generation of iPhone, iPhone 6S 16 GB costs $649 at launch, the cost of iPhone 7 can be relied on to go beyond $649 line.

Prevailing Market Condition

Apple products already are too much expensive. A further bump in price will definitely lead to a dip in sales. Apple watch is an example of that. Despite being rich in features, its price tag did not allow it to sale up to mark. The battle of supremacy is also becoming more fierce as Samsung is topping the table with new curved screen Galaxy S6 Edge, with LG’s G series following tail to tail and Chinese manufacturers rocketing through the market, all with a suitable price range.


An increase in price in that particular occasion will surely put Apple in trouble, with its customers turning away to other brands resulting in damage to the image of Apple in Market. The image which is one of the major sources of Apple’s success. From the above scenario, we are not of the opinion that Apple will not let its customer turn away because of the price. A minor price increase will be suitable both for Apple and its fans, of course, you,


If we look at the prices of previous iPhones, the pattern of costs of iPhone recounts to us a different story. The two recent generations of iPhones, iPhone 6 and 6s were evaluated at the same expense. This shows that Apple would prefer not to further increase the costs of its smartphones. If this is to be believed, then we can trust that Apple will likewise keep its cost for upcoming iPhone 7 same at $649 for 16 GB version.

Apple is sure to take the market by storm when it launches iPhone 7 which will be blessed with some extra features, but from the view of pricing it, there are chances that Apple will hold its prices steady which suspect that Apple might keep the price as the limiting factor in producing iPhone. In the end, either we will get an iPhone 7 full of features but expensive or an iPhone 7 with limited features but at the same rate which is now of iPhone 6s.


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