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New iPhone 7 Circuit Board Leaks Shows Audio Jack


The iPhone 7 circuit board is reported to have no 3.5 mm audio jack. This would make it possible for Apple making the iPhone 7 thinner and have still more space for the battery. A supposed iPhone 7 motherboard that appeared on Chinese social networks website Weibo reveals a 3.5 mm audio jack like on the previous iPhones.

iPhone 7 Circuit Board

The leaked part is from an iPhone 7. There is still a possibility that the bigger iPhone 7 Plus or the reported iPhone 7 Pro have no audio jack. The leaked iPhone 7 part could be legitimate as it is various from the iPhone 6S motherboard. The distinction is no evidence, however, the timing has to do with best to see the very first leaked iPhone 7 parts. Pictures of a supposed iPhone 7 battery likewise appeared today.

iPhone 7 Circuit Board
Compare listed below with the iPhone 6S part. There are some little distinctions.

iPhone 7 Circuit Board
In case Apple drops the 3.5 mm audio port, just wireless and Lightning headset would work. Lightning headsets are currently in the marketplace using the lossless digital audio connection over the Lightning connector like the new Radius HP-NH 11 earbuds.

The iPhone 7 is anticipated to be revealed in September. Apple remains in a hard area as iPhone sales decreased. The iPhone 7 have to achieve success. The reports and declared leakages point to just small design modifications, which caused remarks by experts that the iPhone 7 might be dull and would not offer well. Check out everything we understand about the iPhone 7.


It’s likewise possible Apple might keep the standard headset jack for the iPhone 7, however, remove it with the greater end iPhone 7 Plus or perhaps the reported iPhone 7 Pro. That might be a wise step if the business wishes to begin phasing out the old 3.5 mm port without distressing all its consumers at the same time.

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