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New iPhone 7 Features – Leaks, Speculations and Updates


One of the possible upgrades we’re sure to see in the iPhone 7 is the intro of a new processor. Apple will supposedly use the new technology to make more room in its upcoming iPhone. We’ve heard reports about a variety of new iPhone 7 features, however, presenting the new features could be the way for Apple to make its next-generation iPhone stand out.

New iPhone 7 Features

Apple is quite at the top of its game. It has consistently damaged its sales records with each new repetition of the device. Numerous forecasted a slowdown, asserting individuals would get bored of the iPhone, but every year Apple’s presence appears to get bigger.

Here are some new iPhone 7 features below:

No Headphone Jack

Apple might have the ability to decrease the density of the iPhone 7 by getting rid of the headphone jack and instead adopting an active Lightning port that will reinforce both music playback and charge with Lightning-equipped earphones.

New iPhone 7 Features


Wireless Earphones

In addition to Lightning-equipped Earbuds that will be available for the iPhone 7. Apple is reported to be functional on the latest set of wireless Bluetooth earphones that would be offer with the iPhone 7 as a surcharge device.
New iPhone 7 Features

Storage Space

A rumor which is not confirmed, suggests the iPhone 7 Plus will consist of a high-end 256GB storage, the option that would not be available for the iPhone 7.

The 256GB is a capacity that is not performed in any of Apple’s current iOS devices.
New iPhone 7 Features

Wireless Charging

With the Lightning port existing appropriated for music playback, which has stimulated some speculation about wireless charging. According to rumor, Apple is checking out wireless charging innovation that might be incorporated in the iPhone 7.

New iPhone 7 Features

LTE Speed

The chip features much more ideal downlink speeds of as much as 450 MB/s, uplink speeds of approximately 100 MB/s, and support for LTE classification 10 and 29 bands. Intel will provide a minimum of 50% of the LTE chips for the iPhone 7.

New iPhone 7 Features

Display Screen Improvements

Apple is reported to be working on AMOLED display for future iPhones. The iPhone 7 will recommence to use the ‘Thin Film Transistor-LCD’ display technology utilized in the iPhone 6s.

New iPhone 7 Features

iPhone 7 Waterproof

There are lots of Android handset makers that are making their phones waterproof. We ‘d love to see Apple do this to the iPhone 7. No, we do not expect to go scuba diving with it. However, it would be great that we might feel comfy using it near the pool or even outside in the rain without the stress that one drop of H2O will destroy our $600 iPhone.

New iPhone 7 Features


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