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New iPhone 7 Leak Could Tell About iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Rumors


With lots of concept videos and unofficial leaks overwhelming the internet, it is tough to comment on exactly what Apple’s audio strategies truly are. Appreciated KGI expert Ming-Chi Kuo just recently stated that the iPhone 7 will avoid the standard wholesale design-shifts related to non-S-range iPhone’s. Instead, it will feature few appealing selling points. If you are interested near to know the news of the iPhone 7 (also of its big brother Pro iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus), it is most likely that you have had already heard the future mobile phones might lose its standard 3.5mm earphone jack. Pitched by several sources, this rumor got questioned today by a picture of an extra part expected to have been developed for the iPhone 7 headphone jack rumors. Reviewing this gives us thought that a headset jack is getting repaired.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Rumors

An expected leaked picture of the Lightning cable television assembly for the iPhone 7 has fired up speculation that contrary to many reports; Apple might not be dropping the iPhone 7 headphone jack rumors 3.5 mm headset jack in its next version of the latest iPhone.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Rumors

While there are great deals of iPhone 7 rumors drifting about, the most controversial most likely function for Apple’s next flagship has in fact been the reported omission of the conventional headset port.
On 3 May, nevertheless, French site NoWhereElse found an image on the Chinese social-networking website Weibo. The French website, which is famous for its leaks, declares it is possible that the earphone port will be remaining for a minimum of the next generation of Apple cellphones.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Rumors


You can see the image at NWE site here. The author of the news post compares the expected iPhone 7 internals with an iFixit breakdown of the iPhone 6S.

Significantly, the white headset port situated on the left-side of the image is comparable in both pictures, suggesting its placement style will be related to Apple’s previous handset.

The accuracy of the leakage is casting doubt on its authenticity as the image uploaded on Weibo from a private account.

To summarize, up to the latest leaks iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S might have the same style of headset jack as of iPhone 6S.


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