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New iPhone 7 Release Date – Apple’s Plans with iPhone 7


The new iPhone 7 release date rumors are flying, and we’ve picked up great rumors about new features that might appear in the iPhone 7, from wireless charging to a touchscreen with built-in Touch ID. Currently, Apple is working on an ‘unhackable iPhone’, after the argument with FBI.

New iPhone 7 Release Date

The new iPhone 7 release date is getting more thorough. The web is full of speculation about new iPhone that Apple will launch in 2016. Any leaked image of iPhone 7 components we acquire, and all the interesting iPhone 7 concept illustrations and videos that designers have actually come up with, we’ll upgrade the post whenever we hear about new details on the subject of Apple’s next iPhone.

New iPhone 7 Release Date
The iPhone 7 is likely to get a substantial physical redesign after the most similar iPhone 6 and 6s. It’s premature to understand what features Apple will pick, but it’s likely to be thinner than ever getting rid of the headphone jack would be one way to help achieve this, forcing music lovers to use wireless Bluetooth headsets. Although we’ve yet to see firm evidence ourselves. Other design tweaks could include a flash camera and the removal of the antenna bands.

The iPhone 7 might get a USB-C port, like the new 12-inch MacBook, but we believe this is not likely. A variety of other media outlets theorized the story to declare that wireless charging plan to feature in Apple’s upcoming handset.

Curved display? potentially. Versatile display screen? nope. Edge-to-edge screen? yes quite perhaps. Spring-out PC gaming joystick in the Home button? absolutely not. Wireless charging? rather potentially, much better. waterproofing? an affordable bet, although the self-healing ports aren’t likely to appear for a while.


It’s possible and has actually been commonly speculated that Apple plans to launch the new iPhone this year.

In this case, we would expect less remarkable improvements in each update, the iPhone 7 in fall, followed by an ‘S’ class update in the spring. Over the past five years since the iPhone 4, Apple has actually revealed its latest smartphone in early September. There was no reference to it at March iPhone SE introduction, so there’s little reason not to expect the new iPhone 7 release date to be official on September 19, 2016.

As above the Apple iPhone 7 intend to release worldwide this September. Apple has actually established a staunch custom over the last few years of unveiling their products in early September before launching them later on that very same month.


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