New iPhone Release Date 2016


Only a few months has passed and individuals are as of now sitting tight for the new model of iPhone, enthusiasm for technology has a shorter life  I think. At all the reason is, the fact is that Apple fans have as of now begun checking days to have taken a gander at the Apple’s latest offerings and new iPhone release date.

What Will be The New iPhone Release Date?

Most posts in all tech forums are with respect to the new iPhone  release date. I am not instructing you to go through those post to discover the new iPhone release date, however, I will myself let you know about new iPhone release date.

New iPhone Release Date


Till now, it is normal that Apple will be taking after its conventional time of releasing each iPhone which is mid of September. iPhone 6s was revealed on ninth of September 2015, iPhone 6 likewise on ninth of September 2014, iPhone 5s on the tenth of September 2013 and till iPhone 4s the release date was in the mid of September. The explanation behind this can likewise be said that Apple needs to keep away from the showdown with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 which is said to be released in April. The immediate encounter of iPhone 7 and Galaxy s7 will bring about misfortunes for both tech tycoons.


Nonetheless, think of a situation in which iPhone 6s doesn’t work out for Apple. The principle decision left of which you, me, Apple’s fans and no doubt Apple itself consider, is to prepone release date of iPhone 7. If these bits of talks are taken to be true then in a perfect world we will see the new iPhone 7 in a couple of months of this year. January has passed and all eyes are on February now.



The nearby assessment so far is that new iPhone release date will happen in its traditional season which is the latest ten days of September, for the most part, 21st of it. So quit focusing and start counting days, there will be no October before the release of iPhone 7.

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