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A New Space Black Color of iPhone 7 is Expected!


The latest iPhone might be more of a small, between year upgrade if the current reports are kept in mind. Could a new Space Black Color of iPhone 7 be enough to prompt you for an upgrade?

Space Black Color of iPhone 7

Apple’s existing iPhone lineup includes silver, gold, rose gold, and space gray color alternatives. The new color choice is said to be much darker than Space Gray and closer to a real or jet black. We can get an idea of what a darker, jet black iPhone may appear like by having a look at other Apple items:

Apple currently has a “Space Black” Apple Watch that has a substantially darker shade than the Space Gray iPhone, although it’s not exactly jet black. And yes, Apple had a genuine black iPhone itself some years ago; the iPhone 4.

It’s Space Gray, and other black items use some various tones and color schemes, so we still do not have a clear idea of what exactly will the new iPhone color look like if undoubtedly prepared in time for iPhone 7. The other day we revealed you a couple of concepts from the neighborhood with numerous renders showing some possibilities for the darker black iPhone:
And the new color will sure look good with the black model that found in iOS 10.


Space Black Color of iPhone 7

With iPhone 7 reported to be a reasonably small upgrade as Apple usually moves from significant upgrades every other year to a three-year release cycle, will a darker black color choice motivate you to upgrade to the new iPhone 7?


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