Pre-Order iPhone 7 on AT&T (Plans and Payment Methods)


AT&T is one of the major carrier of US, second largest in terms coverage area after Verizon Wireless. Those who want to get their hands on iPhone as soon as possible, pre-ordering it is best option to opt. Not only it let you get your iPhone very soon but also saves you from standing at a never-ending queue at outlets.

iPhone 7 Pre-order on AT&T

pre-order iphone 7 on at&t

iPhone 7 on At&t will be for sure available on the shelves in Mid September 2016. You can pre-order iPhone 7 on AT&T with various financial options to suite every individual. There is a dedicated feature of AT&T called ‘Next’ for the pre-order and on-contract purchase of smartphones, along with a trade-in feature.

AT&T Next

If you are an old customer of AT&T and have a decent record of credit in it, you can get the best use of this feature to pre-order iPhone 7 on AT&T. They call these users as ‘well-qualified Buyers’. You need to have a good background with the cellular company to come under this tag. But do not worry, it not solely for so-called well-qualified buyers, a normal customer can also take advantage of this feature.

There are basically three modes of payments currently available on AT&T Next, and are expected to be available for upcoming iPhone 7.

  1. One is that you have to pay only sales tax when you will placing iPhone 7 pre-order on AT&T, you will get the device for free with monthly installments.
  2. Other is that you pay 30% of the purchase price along with sales tax as down payment and get lowest possible monthly installments. This option is the preferred one, but former can also sound useful for those individuals who will not be in the mood to spend at that time.
  3. The third one is a trade in, where you will get a brand new iPhone 7 in an exchange with your old iPhone after paying the difference. There is a time limit on it though, you will only be eligible for the trade in after a certain time period fixed by AT&T.

iPhone 7 on At&t 2-Year Agreement

You will also be able to pre-order iPhone 7 on AT&T with a normal 24 months contracts, same like all major carriers of US are offering for current models. In this, you will have to pay 24 equal monthly installments for your iPhone 7.

Full Upfront

As the heading suggests, you will have to make a full payment on upfront to pre-order iPhone 7 on AT&T. In this mode, you will not be bonded for years with the carrier, for payments. Just pay and forget.

How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 on AT&T

You can pre-order iPhone 7 on AT&T at an authorized AT&T retail outlet or by visiting the official site of AT&T. It will be available on AT&T as soon as it is released.

After selecting iPhone 7 from AT&T, you can also choose for color, storage options, accessories, etc.


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