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Pre-Order iPhone 7 on O2


Buying an iPhone as soon as it is launched, of course, is not a cup of tea for everyone. The price associated with it is able enough to create a deep hole in your pocket. But what to do of those iPhone fans who want to get it first, but care for their pocket as well.

The general solution to it is that you wait for a time and when iPhone’s price falls, then buy it. What? Can not wait that long? Rather thinking of pre-ordering? Do not worry. Here come the carrier services for your rescue. A rope of hope for those who want to get iPhone on very first day without spending much.

pre-order iPhone 7 on O2

O2 is one of the best carriers of the UK with a large coverage area and 4G connectivity almost everywhere. It is a good choice to pre-order iPhone 7 on O2 when it is available. I will be sharing with you the plans it is expected to offer and the right time to pre-order iPhone 7 on O2 carrier.

O2 Plans for iPhone 7

O2 currently offers different tariff plans on iPhone 6s and same are expected to be offered to you when you preorder iPhone 7 on O2. We will update you if O2 change its mind. The tariff plan with most features on O2 is its premium 30GB data plan. It will allow you to pre-order iPhone 7 with the little percent of its cost as an upfront payment, while rest of the cost will be paid in 24 equal monthly installments, along with billings. You will get damage and breakdown cover for two-years, means if your iPhone becomes damaged or so, O2 will cover its damage for a period of two years while Apple offers only one year’s warranty, that too with exceptions. You will have to pay £55 for each claim, though. Another feature is the ability to swap your iPhone with any upcoming model after 12 months, means you can get every new iPhone every year without paying anything.


This is not the only plan you will be getting when you pre-order iPhone 7 on O2, there are a number of tariff plans, same as above but with some variance. Some plans offer less monthly bills but with fewer amount data or some of the features like damage coverage and ability to swap iPhone removed from them. So, you will find more plans on O2, select any of them which suits your needs.

How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 on O2

You could pre-order iPhone 7 on O2 just like you normally buy an iPhone. All you have to do is visit either Apple’s official site and on pre-ordering iPhone 7, select O2 as the carrier, or directly visit the official site of O2. You can also pre-order iPhone 7 on O2 from its retail store. Just select your preferred options and submit it.


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