How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 Online


Most of the die-hard Apple fans do not think about any other smartphone and don’t hesitate joining the long queue at Apple retail store at first to put their hands on latest iPhone. But who could be that much die hard fan who even before the iPhone is released in the market, searches for a way or more to pre-order this Apple product? The answer is “Too many people”. Yes! it is true, Apple lovers are that much fond of iPhone that they want it as soon as possible.

To make it easy for those iPhone lovers who want to pre-order the upcoming iPhone 7 when it is released, I have written a guide which tell you how and where to pre-order iPhone 7.

Pre-order iPhone 7

Different Ways To Pre-order iPhone 7

Apple Online Store

Apple itself offers pre-orders of iPhone 7 which it about to launch in the market. It is the most legit way pre-ordering the iPhone 7. Once it is released, it will be available for pre-orders. Just go through it and select your model, color and storage and Apple will reserve your orders. But things are not that much easy on Apple. There are server issues as too many costumers will be available at the same time online and other such related issues.

Apple Store App

The current most efficient and reliable method of pre-ordering any Apple product is to do it through Apple Store app. No such issues are reported with pre-ordering through this app as were with an online store. The only thing which are required to have is an iOS device on which you have this app, which I am sure you must have if you are that much lover of Apple. If Get Ready to Pre-Order feature does come, then it will be the preferred option to pre-order iPhone 7.


Carrier Stores

Network carriers such as Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile and other such, also offers pre-orders for the latest iPhones with and without contracts. You can also pre-order iPhone 7 on the respected sites of the carriers. Different carriers offer different methods to pre-order, make sure you read the instruction on how to pre-order iPhone 7 from carriers post on our site.

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