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Pre-Order iPhone 7 on Sprint


Sprint is among the top ranked carriers in the US. Providing neck breaking deals on pre-orders of iPhone 7 has made it one of favorite selling points of Apple. iPhone 7 will be debuting on it when it is officially unveiled, both for purchasing and pre-ordering. For those looking to pre-order iPhone 7 on Sprint when it is launched, I have written this post to help you know what and how will be you getting from this carrier.

Pre-Order iPhone 7 on Sprint


In reply to Verizon Wireless’s Edge, AT&T’s Next and T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand, sprint has launched its own service for purchasing or upgrading the iPhone. Sprint has named this service as “iPhone Forever”. It is expected that you will be able to pre-order upcoming iPhone 7 on Sprint through this. Discussed below are the features of it.

Sprint – Availability of iPhone 7

Sprint claims to offer the best deal for the purchase of iPhone 7 through its iPhone forever plan, which offers monthly installments as low as $1. But you need an iPhone 6S to trade in for this. Really? Yes, on the condition that you must have that iPhone 6s WITHOUT contract. Because Sprint allows you to upgrade your iPhone only after 24 months period. Maybe they the change their plan for upcoming iPhone 7, but there is not any word on it yet. Thus, till now we are not sure whether Sprint will update their plan for upcoming iPhone 7 or not.

Anyway, you will be able to pre-order iPhone 7 on Sprint on 2-years contract or full upfront payment, just after it is officially launched. It will be too early to say that Sprint has not any dedicated plan for pre-orders or purchase of upcoming iPhone 7, Sprint for sure will make a plan for it as it usually does when an iPhone is launched.


How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 on Sprint

The procedure to pre-order iPhone 7 on Sprint will be same as it is on other carriers or as currently on Sprint. Basically, there are three ways through which you will be able to pre-order upcoming iPhone 7. You can do so through:

  1. Apple’s Official Site
  2. Sprint’s Official Site
  3. Authorized Retailer of Sprint

Just visit any of the above-listed sites or stores and you will be able to place your pre-order for upcoming iPhone 7 when it is available. Surely, you will be asked for the storage options and color along with other supplementary options. Select your preferred option and you will successfully pre-order iPhone 7 on Sprint.


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